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Project Manager

Control Yours
Job Description
Control Yours is in search of a Project Manager who will be an integral part of leading and managing projects.
As that Project Manager, you are:
  • You are an outstanding communicator.
  • You are respectful and treat people with kindness.
  • You take time to listen before jumping to conclusions.
  • You are proactive in seeking out, clarifying, and exceeding expectations.
  • You’re perfectly comfortable rolling up your sleeves and getting down to the root of a problem.
  • You are vigilant about staying on task and on budget.
  • You are diligent in the accuracy of tracked time and proper task assignment.
  • You cross your t's and dot your i's.
  • You are an organizational purist. Adding to, maintaining, and optimizing a project timeline is what you think of as a "good time."
  • You are a pro at delegating, encouraging, and leading a team of creative minds.
  • You know when to check in on progress and when to take a backseat approach.
  • You are a good steward of your own time and the time of others.
  • You seek out ways to improve efficiency and refine systems that need to be tweaked.
  • You are fanatical about quality—of work and of life.
  • You are patient and not easily offended. You are able to stay calm and respectful in tense situations and client interactions.
  • You are graceful in how you break down, solve, and explain even the most complex problems or situations.
  • You are careful when explaining concepts and teaching new skills to those who may be unfamiliar.
  • You have awesome writing skills and a good grip on grammar.
  • You are detail oriented, getting things done carefully and correctly.
  • You are eager and willing to learn new skills.
  • You are savvy with computers and new technology.
  • You are happy to work at Control Yours HQ located in Kearney, NE, with standard business hours of 9am - 5pm.
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